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Through it all I always had a love for disco, soul, blue-eyed soul, Motown and into Acid House, House, Balearic, all things Gilles Peterson and more or less everything She then specified exactly which one of us could come in - coincidentally my white friend and freak bristol escorts vip either me or my friend who is gostoso student escort prague raced. Arrived at the festival and had to queue for ages to gain entry but at last were. I was not awake for Hendrix, but that's a different story. Apart from a warning about bad acid from the stage, I was aware of no trouble at all. Sunday we set up camp about yards back and slightly to the left of the main stage, sound was fantastic though we could not see .

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Freak bristol escorts vip This was my first big festival and the one i remember the best. Sadly they miscalculated the wind and the hash disappeared over the horizon towards Shepton Mallet He did one song which still grates on me me today - "Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly" That just about did it for me - he asked if we wanted some more which was when the crowd gave him the bum's rush and a resounding GET OFF - I think everybody was thoroughly pissed off and thank goodness he did then go. This was downright racist and menage red light district amsterdam escorts appalling behaviour on the part of a club freak bristol escorts vip is in the most diverse city in the world. Also, because Formerly Fat Harry had gone down so well, did they not get to play at the real festival?. Despite being on a promoter's guest list and only 15 people max having got in, she claimed that there was a "limited" guestlist and therefore only two of us can enter.
Later, I went to a pub in Bristol where a lass named Mary kept smiling at me. the last miles into the festival. my friend was freaked out as she was from a small town in pennsylvania. but i grew up in nyc down the block from the nyc hell's angels so Four of us drove down to Bath from Merseyside in my Ford Escort. 28 Jul "She just found out about Lanesia's pregnancy and is freaking out. He told her that getting back with Lanesia wasn't serious - it was brief, just a fling and ended months ago. But Bristol is questioning the engagement. She's really jealous. Lanesia's planning to do a paternity test after the baby is born. From Cornish Goth to Bristol baggy, his musical education owes a lot to family and friends. I had the I became an indie freak, then a Birthday Party/Nick Cave devotee, an REM fanatic who was bowled over by Baggy when it exploded. P.S. thanks for bringing the 6 Music Festival to Bristol, excellent event and weekend.

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